Keep Your Family Safe From Harmful Radon

Turn to us for professional radon mitigation services

In a 2018 study, nearly 40% of all Idaho homes tested higher than the recommended levels of radon. If you own a home or plan to buy one, make sure you know all the facts. Contact the experts at Idaho Radon for certified radon inspection and mitigation services.

We're leading radon mitigation contractors serving the Southern, Central and Eastern Idaho areas. Call 208-994-9655 today to understand your risk for radon exposure.

Breathe easy in your home

At Idaho Radon, we want Idahoans to know that a big part of living green is breathing clean, healthy indoor air. One of the best ways to protect your family's health is to get radon gas out of your home.

We're passionate about reducing cancer risks and improving the overall lives of our clients. By kicking radon out of homes, every family can have healthier air to breathe. Reach out to us today to schedule radon inspection or mitigation services.

Why should you hire a professional for radon services?

While there are a growing number of radon testing kits on the market, only a certified professional can give you a thorough and complete inspection. Hire Idaho Radon today to:

  • Properly identify the areas where radon can enter your home
  • Receive accurate tests backed by years of experience
  • Install an effective mitigation system in your home
  • Safely lower radon levels to EPA recommendations
  • Perform follow-up testing for your peace of mind
Have complete confidence in your indoor air quality. Speak with us today to learn more about our radon inspections and mitigation services.